Energetic Weather Report
The Energetic Weather Report refers to discussions of man-made or aerosolized energetic imbalances (as opposed to karmic or hereditary imbalances). which Stephen researches every morning by checking the photos of people in major or "primary" cities (cities in which these imbalances seem to first appear). These are imbalances we are exposed to daily (both new ones and ones for which balancing frequencies are already on AIM), and hence, acquire, yet if on AIM, we select the balancing frequencies for them to self-heal them quickly to minimize any effect on life force.

Reference is made to these in Sanctuary (HIV particularly, on pgs 116 & 119-120). In 2003, new aerosolized imbalances appeared maybe once a month. Then it got worse, and Stephen actually started an online log in July 2004, reporting "toxicity levels" of certain cities as well. By early 2005, new man-made imbalances became a daily occurrence, and there was no time to write about them as it became very time-consuming, and increasingly important, to find them and add the balancing frequencies to AIM.

Today, Stephen finds, on average, 3-7 new imbalances a day and the balancing frequencies are added to AIM. They are also increasingly toxic, with higher and higher potential for becoming chronic in those not on AIM. Fortunately, so far, he's not found anything that is not responsive once the balancing frequency is on AIM.

This topic is discussed weekly on Stephen's talkshoe broadcast. We include this prior documentary, including articles by Stephen and Evan, as we believe the content will assist in your understanding of the nature of these imbalances and their increasing effect on the energetic well-being of those both on AIM and not on AIM.
Local Energetic Toxicity Index and other Frequency News
The EMC² local Energetic Toxicity Index for key cities will be updated often. Please check back regularly for the latest information.

EMC² believes that we are approaching a measurable and discernable energetic crisis. We believe this current energetic crisis parallels the less-subtle, more overt, but perhaps less-relevant crisis which is ceaselessly reported in the media.

Periodically, EMC² will list the local Energetic Toxicity Index (ETI) on a scale of 1 to 100, of key cities in the United States and elsewhere. The ETI indicates the degree of overall energetic airborne toxicity for that city. If new imbalances are found, we will provide the date they were found and their Relative Toxicity Level (RTL) on a scale of 1 to 100. We don't know exactly what this toxicity level means, but we do believe that it has a profound direct effect on our state of well being.

The frequencies of the following subtle-energy imbalances were found on the dates shown. Unless otherwise noted, these imbalances do not occur in nature, therefore they have no name. They are identified numerically in the frequency notes. Feel free to share this information with others. And, if you are a current recipient of Energetic Balancing, we encourage you to share your relevant personal experiences with your facilitator.

Peace and blessings, love and light, Stephen Lewis for EMC²
Sept 22, 2005 You want weather?
Okay, here it is: The most negative frequency I have ever seen was found today in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Sydney. It's fair to say if you are civilized or know someone who is, you probably have it. We do not know what type of frequency it is (i.e.: viral frequency, bacterial frequency, etc.). It does not fall into any classification. However, we have its frequency as of 5:00pm PDT Thursday September 22, 2005, it is on the AIM Program. What it is most similar to are the frequency of liver, lung and joint cancer as well as the frequency of a stroke (CVA).

I wish you all Love and Light, Stephen Lewis
March 3, 2005 On "The Weather Report"
I don't know if familiarity necessarily breeds contempt, but it most certainly does not generate great anticipation and excitement. This "same old, same old" mentality is fallacious and dangerous because the fact that it is just the usual subzero blizzard in Antarctica won't protect you against freezing to death. We have gone from an average of one new man made energetic imbalance in consciousness per month in September, 2003, to one a week in January of 2004, and now, at least one a DAY, by March 01, 2005.

Furthermore, the energetic toxicity level of these imbalances, has risen from the mid 40s (2003) to an almost universal 99 at the present time. This on a scale of 0 to 100. Also, the "capacity for energetic toxicity level" has risen proportionally.

Perhaps, in the light of these statistics, those of us in such energetic hot-beds as Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco or Sydney should find it remarkable that we are not burdened by shortness of breath with congestion, joint achiness, fatigue, sleep interruption accompanied by anxious dreams, and parched, feverish nights. We can only hope for a continuation of such good luck.

Please read the February 28 weather report, below, by Evan Slawson, regarding a recent L.A. Times report of two separate scientific studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine advocating HIV testing of all American adults. For those of you who have read Sanctuary, or Epilogue II: Up to Date, isn't it remarkable how an energetic manifestation in consciousness seems to be the template for a subsequent material manifestation?

I wish you all Love and Light,
Stephen Lewis
February 28, 2005 Chickens coming home to roost?
In 1996, Stephen and I began writing Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. We wrote the book because certain information was being revealed to Stephen in his energetic consulting practice. What he found was that the subtle-energy frequency of HIV was becoming more and more common in people throughout the United States. We wrote:

"...an enormous number of people showed the frequency of HIV..." and "...at this rate, within five years this frequency will show up in more than half the country...and probably more than half the world…"

On February 10, 2005, the Los Angeles Times reported on two separate studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) under the page A9 headline: "Scientists Advise Screening All Adults for HIV Infection." You can access a copy of the original LA Times story as published on KTLA's web site by clicking here. (Because the LA Times changes their links and does not allow Google to cache the pages, you may have to search the LA Times which may require you to log in to view the results. This was the original link to the LA Times online version of the story. For even more links, you can also (Google the original headline by clicking here.)

These separate NEJM studies both concluded that HIV is now so widespread that traditional risk groups are no longer relevant and that everyone should be tested for it. CNN.com reported on these articles as well. Click here to read the CNN.com article under the headline "Experts urge HIV testing for almost everyone."

Stephen found energetically back in 1996 that the subtle-energy frequency of HIV was widespread. When did that become a reality in the physical world? Is this evidence that an energetic imbalance appears to be, as we have previously said, a precursor of a material (i.e. physical) imbalance? We believe that consciousness does create the material world. It is an axiom for the spiritual technology of EMC² that an imbalance in consciousness could manifest in the physical world.

What seemed absurd and preposterous 10 years ago - the idea that HIV is everywhere - is becoming a reality today. We marvel at how easily people adapt to this transition. Almost as if they were saying "My dog had a litter today, and guess what - they were kittens!" without missing a beat.

Nonetheless, there seems to be more and more emerging literature, scientific and otherwise, that corroborates and agrees with Stephen's subtle-energy observations as reported in Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness.

And it is important to remember that Sanctuary also reports: "...the good news is that, like everything else I find, we're talking about an energetic imbalance. And energetic imbalances are totally erasable."

Peace and blessings,
Evan Slawson

(Please remember: Energetic balancing does not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease. From the point of view of the medical and scientific establishment, the presence or absence of a subtle-energy imbalance is not the same as the presence or absence of a disease.)
February 3, 2005 Frequency notes
Last night, during the "State of the Union" speech, I wiped my nose and found that one nostril was bleeding. In another minute it was joined by the other. I went to my computer and found a new, man-made, aerosolized prion imbalance in my consciousness. In honor of the event, I have named it SOUP. Upon further evaluation, I found it to be in Los Angeles., of course, as well as Dallas, Miami, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Sydney, Australia. It has a relative toxicity level of 98, and is resolvable with AIM. Look for SOUP in your area.
February 2, 2005 Frequency notes
For the first time an imbalance with the toxicity level in consciousness of 98 occurred. It was present in New York, Los Angeles and Sydney. The imbalance primarily affects the orbs of the brain, heart, lungs and nerves. 100 is the maximum toxicity level possible.
January 20, 2005 Then/Now/Later
2004, A Retrospective -- 2005, A Perspective
One of my favorite poems is, "September 1st, 1939" by W.H.Auden. It ends with these lines:

"May they, composed like I
of Eros and of dust
beleaguered by the same
negation and despair
show an affirming flame."

A worthwhile and noble aim, I agree; but, alas, it's a tricky task to always show an affirming flame without being a Pollyanna, just as it's difficult to write about the weather when it's always the same. The following is my attempt.

In my admittedly inexact mind, the emotional onset of 2004 began on 9/11/2003. It was on the date that the frequency known as MB prion ("MBP") was first revealed to me. It was named in "honor" of Reverend Michael Beckwith, in whose consciousness it was first found. MBP was actually the 51st frequency I had found in the six years preceding that date, that resonated as being both man-made and aerosolized. In the past fifteen months since, I have found one hundred and forty-three such artificially occurring imbalances in consciousness. It's important to note that this is without any change in technique, methodology or technology.

MBP had a toxicity level of 46, on a scale of zero to one hundred. The toxicity levels found since then have been steadily increasing, until, during the week of Christmas 2004 the four artificially occurring frequency imbalances had toxicity levels of 90, 90, 90 and 91, just as the four new imbalances found during the following New Year's weekend were 91, 92, 92 and 93. The three imbalances found on the weekend ending 1/16/05 all resonated at 95. Furthermore, another attribute of the more recent imbalances is that they resonate at an increasing level of "not self-limiting".

This observation is morbidly extraordinary to me because I believe it is contrary to what has almost universally occurred as part of natural law in previous, more organic times.

These statements obviously deserve a more detailed explanation; however, before I go any further it seems appropriate to remind you that I'm writing about energetic imbalances in consciousness, rather than diseases.

The QED, which is the fundamental instrument of our Spiritual Technology, measures imbalances in consciousness, all of which are in the realm of spirituality. It cannot and does not identify physical disease, which is in the realm of medicine. That being said, I must add that we believe that the existence of an imbalance in one's consciousness is the precursor to its existence in one's body. We believe consciousness creates the material world. We believe it is the spiritually measurable frequency that separates the amorphous and omnipresent waves of energy into our discrete particles of life. That is why an imbalance in consciousness invariably must have a negative effect on well-being.

All that being said, again, let me explain what I mean by contrary to organic law.

If I were to filter our database for the frequency in consciousness of, "acquired imbalance, antibody without antigen", I would find a positive response in almost everyone's consciousness for almost every imbalance that can possibly be acquired.

Let's think about that for a moment. If those statements were true, physically, they would indicate that almost everyone of us has a history of having contracted, actively, almost every known disease, and, subsequently, we have been able to overcome them all, or at least hide them, like some kind of Dorian Gray.

Well, our physical scenario is an energetic reality. We believe it indicates that we have indeed been exposed to, and, in fact, acquired, the precursor to all these diseases…in our consciousness, and, furthermore, we have been able to heal all these energetic imbalances before they were able to manifest in physical form.

I think it is crucial to note that, although it is possible for these antibodies to exist both energetically, in consciousness AND physically, in the body, the identification of each is outside of the realm of the other. Thus, just as the physical determination of disease is both outside the capacity of the QED, and the scope of EMC², so, the energetic evaluation of imbalances in consciousness are both irrelevant and anecdotal information to conventional medicine. Mathematically, our relationship at this time, in western culture, is asymptotic.

All this leads to an overwhelming question: if this is true, how is it that all of us are not pushing up energetic daisies? The answer is simple. We are programmed by evolution to overcome anything, unless it lodges in a safe-haven, which is someplace in you that is so compromised it has lost the capacity to overcome an imbalance. Furthermore, that compromise is invariably what you have brought with you. Whether you call it hereditary or karmic, it's one and the same. It is what you are destined to either succumb to, or overcome and remove, AKA heal.

Hopefully, this process is beginning to ravel up for you. Again, I said that we all have the frequency of antibodies in our consciousness to energetic SARS. As I have evaluated it energetically, the distinction between us who have overcome that imbalance and those who have not is that the latter had, underneath the energetic SARS frequency, the frequency of an hereditary imbalance that had become so profoundly active that it prohibited the possibility of overcoming the frequency of energetic SARS, or the flu, or the common cold, or…whatever.

Perhaps the underlying hereditary frequency in consciousness is tuberculosis, or, maybe lung cancer. Whatever it is, once it is in one's consciousness as an "hereditary imbalance that has become active", it is a working definition of the energetic frequency of an immune deficiency.

What does any of this have to do with the weather? Everything. Let's continue to ravel.

This anthrax-herpes-plague frequency I've referred to, by what means do we emerge unscathed from it? Easy, we heal it because we remember it. I don't mean via linear hereditary memory. We remember it in our collective ancestral memory, through which we are all holographically connected. Thus, you may be a fifth generation Norwegian and use your collective ancestral connection to a tenth-generation Aborigine. Somewhere, before our consciousness created our distinct and separate identities, we were mixed together in one big energetic stew. Well, the good news is that stew is still there, and if we're hungry, it's always available to sustain us. That's the good news.

The bad news is, if we need to deal with something none of our joint and collective ancestors has ever dealt with, there is nothing to remember. We are back at square one, where history is no help, simply because it doesn't exist. It is the dark side of Eden.

Now, let's bring this up to date, and make this thread a circle. Most of the new frequencies I've found in consciousness the past few months are not present in our ancestral memory. How do I know this? I know it because these frequencies are NOT healing in the general population.

When I first started the "weather reports", I specified locations (New York, London, etc.). I no longer bother with that, simply because, if you are urban these frequencies will be coming to a neighborhood near you. It doesn't matter much if it's today, tomorrow or in a week. Rest assured, you are in the loop.

Well, that's it. Let me close by saying, if you read this and find it helpful, I am honored. If the AIM Program is helping you both heal yourself and elevate your consciousness, I and all of us at EMC² are doubly honored.

Peace, Blessings and Happy New Year!
Stephen and All of Us at EMC²
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