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Lia from California - AIM participant since February 2009
Testimonial provided June 2010

Lia describes how The AIM Program has helped her self-heal multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) to get back the life she desires.
Tags: Gratitude; Harmony; Immune system; MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity); Miraculous; Peace;

I joined AIM after getting multiple chemical sensitivity ("MCS"). I was bed ridden with the worst environmental allergies that would give me anaphylactic type of reactions. My immune system was highly compromised and every month I was coming down with a horrible fevers and infections.

Perfumes would make me incredibly sick and any attempt at trying to dye my hair would land me in the emergency room. I was too sensitive to even wear make up. Three weeks into starting The AIM Program I was able to start wearing make up, something I thought I was never going to be able to do again. A year later instead of being bed ridden and sick, I can now go to clubs or events that even have fog machines with no symptoms!! I can drive everywhere, go anywhere without a problem. Perfumes don't put me down as bad as before, or sometimes not even at all! I'm going to go to school full time as well, which is big for me considering I had to drop out when I got MCS. I am so, so thankful and feel more at peace. There is definitely a harmony within me like never before. I would recommend that everyone try The AIM Program. It is quite miraculous.

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