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Winnie the Horse from Washington - AIM participant since April 2019
Testimonial provided May 2020

Winnie the Horse overcomes life-threatening melanoma and allergy to Scotch Broom
Tags: Allergies; Allergies, Scotch Broom; Cancer, melanoma; Hives;


Winnie is a beautiful Irish draught horse who, when my wife Brenda and I met her, was suffering from the largest melanoma we have ever seen. It was located at the base of her tail and her genital-rectum area. She was also covered with hives due to an allergy to scotch broom. In a word, she was a mess. Her prognosis was grim. We worked on her nutrition and used our energy healing techniques on her which brought some relief, but her melanoma was still not reduced enough to ensure her survival for very long. We knew there was more underlying this mare's condition than just the physical manifestation. We hoped removing those spiritual and emotional blocks would give her physical body the chance it needed to heal.

We convinced Winnie's owners to put her on the AIM Program and we raised money for laser surgery with the one doctor in the Northwest that would even attempt it. To make a long story short, Winnie has made a miraculous recovery. Her surgeon has marveled at the speed at which she recovered from a cancer that was even more involved than he first thought. He was not optimistic, though we weren't surprised. Winnie had a brutal past before being rescued by caring owners. We feel that the emotional and spiritual help she received from the AIM Program gave her the energetic support to heal. Believe it or not, we saw the change in her eyes even before the surgery so we were configdent that she would have the best chance of survival possible.

Today, Winnie is a loving, energy-filled horse. Her owners cannot believe how she has changed and are grateful for her healing. And, oh, yes, she walks past the year's bumper crop of Scotch Broom with hardly a hive resulting on her body... and certainly none that last long. That you AIM Program! You were the only additional element in her life that we know of and you made all the difference in the world.

Rob 5/1/2020

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